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Next Training Sessions:

July 28, Saturday

 9:00 AM to 5 PM 

Dallas, TX

Student Testimonials:

"Able to explain complex topics in simple terms and language and keep the flow. No weakness"


"The instructor is very well versed and thorough. Great communicator and very interactive to keep the interest. His background is very relevant too."


"Very focussed, involved and engaged everyone into discussions."


"Very articulate, has deep knowledge and business acumen to go into the details of Blockchain technology"  

Next Training Session:

July 28, Saturday

 9:00 AM to 5 PM 

Dallas, TX

Blockchain is creating extraordinary opportunities for

businesses to come together in totally new ways to create unforeseen and unprecedented values. Understanding Blockchain Foundations today has become quintessential if you are a technologist or in any business of technology, whether it be Financial (Bitcoin, Ripple platform), Healthcare (our personal records), Supply Chain (Walmart leading the way) or any other.


Opsvana has designed training programs for Corporate Professionals who want to have a solid understanding of the foundations of the revolutionary technology. At this time we are offering these training programs:


  • Blockchain Foundation - Analyst Certification In-person Training

    • A full day, 8 hours, In-person training program with certification test at the end. ​

    • After taking our "Blockchain Foundation - Analyst Certification" course, you will have a deep enough understanding of the core principles of Blockchain technology, its advantages and its current state limitations. You will be able to discuss, talk, innovate or come up with a Proof of Concept ideation for your work. You will also be able to chat with bitcoin & cryptocurrency enthusiasts around and yeah – show off your “Blockchain Analyst Certificate” given by Opsvana Academy.

  • Developers Training with Hyperleder and Composer

    • This is a full day training program for hands on developers. Please do not join if you are not comfortable looking at code and installing tools. ​

    • After taking our certified "Blockchain Developer" program, you will be able to quickly desgin and code various Proof of Concepts at your work place. Click on Training Program button to see the detailed outline. 

  • Ethereum/Solidity Programming - 2 Day In-person Training

    • This is a 2 day course built on top of the Blockchain Foundation Analyst course. You will earn two certificates in this course: "Blockchain Foundation Analyst" and "Solidity Developer"

    • Day one in this course is 70% same as the Blockchain Foundation Analyst course. You end the Day 1 with Introduction to Ethereum and Solidity. 

    • Day two is hands on development time. You will learn Solidity programming, Smart Contract writing on top of Ethereum in hands on labs and exercises with the instructor. 

Ever heard of “Being at the right place, at the right time”? Timing is absolutely right in the year 2018 for you to learn deep on Blockchain. Now, you just have to be there. So go ahead and click that "Program Details" button.

Next Training Sessions

July 28, Saturday

 9:00 AM to 5 PM 

Dallas, TX

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