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Current Training Programs

Current Training Programs

Developers Training with Hyperledger and Composer - July 28. Program Outline:

Module 1 – Blockchain Fundamentals

  • Blockchain Origins

  • How Blockchain works

  • Disintermediation

  • Core Principles of Blockchain

  • Distributed Ledger

  • Network Integrity

  • Security in Blockchain

  • How consensus is built in the Network

  • Public vs. Private Blockchain

Module 2 – Practice an actual representation of the Blockchain

  • Build a micro (visual) version of the Blockchain Network - A fun exercise for anyone who can use a mouse and a computer


Module: 3 – Hyperledger Fabric Architecture

  • Introduction to Hyperledger

  • Underlying concepts

  • Types of Nodes

  • Transaction Flow from client to blockchain network

  • Consensus in Hyperledger

  • Endorsement policies


Module 4: Set up your Dev Environment (Instructions will be sent couple of days before the class to ensure everyone has the Dev Essentials installed.

  • NodeJS, Curl, Git, Python 2.7, Docker and few others are required. 

Module 5 – Business Network Application Modeling using Composer toolkit

  • Use Case Designing

  • Composer tools introduction

  • Business Modeling language details
  • Model actual code: Assets, Participants, Events, and Transactions in the live training 

  • Deploy and Test the sample application

Module 6 – Chaincode development

  • Write Chaincode in JavaScript

  • Practice integration, deployment and full execution of the Chaincode

Module 7 – Client Apps SDK/API

  • See how secured clients are developed

  • Invoke transactions using the client on the blockchain network

  • Bring your first end to end app using the rest server APIs

Module 9 – Recap all key concepts

Module 10 – Review the take home assignment (roughly 20 hours required to finish the assignment. You can take 2-3 weeks to finish)

Certification Exam (1 hour for 50 multiple choice questions)

  • Don’t Worry – If you paid attention and did not play with your mobile phone (which the instructor will not allow), you should pass the certification test

  • Earn your Swag – “Blockchain Certified Developer” by Opsvana Academy by completing the take home assignment

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