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The Coin Economy has arrived! Are you ready for embracing the near future?

The Economic Power grid is shifting across all the business. “The coin economy” has the power to get that kick starter momentum to disrupt any business – be it remittance, virtual currency, supply chain, healthcare and others. Chances are that if you are reading this far or even have a presence on LinkedIn, your corporate business will get a totally different look in 5 years with new competitions. What Amazon, Google, Facebook, Uber has done, can be done yet again, in a much different way, to bring further economic and business efficiencies by the Blockchain technology. Looking at what Bitcoin has does to the currencies of the world, it is up to the Innovators to figure out what businesses can do with this revolutionary technology. Remember, Bitcoin is just one use case for Blockchain. Many others are just taking place. Yes, many will fail but some will rise to become the world’s biggest Unicorns.

Don’t take my word for it - If you thought Uber has changed the word just Google “Uber Cryptocurrencies” and read the reports. Find out what the Uber Inventor/Founder is doing next.

Read what the CEO of Docker (a Unicorn technology company) is doing next

Amazon just registered various domain names with crypto currencies.

At Opsvana we have produced a corporate America training course dedicated to kick start your journey with Blockchain. Please take a look at the course and enroll into the in-person class.

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